Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How hard would it be to install the aftermarket LED or HID headlights myself?
A: The aftermarket bulbs are designed to be a simple “plug and play” system requiring no additional wiring. As easy as your stock bulbs.

Q: What is the brightest light output option for my application?
A: To maximize your light output, we recommend HID for projector headlight systems, and LED for reflector headlight systems.

Q: Does my vehicle need Anti-Flicker?
A: Though there hasn’t been enough information to call on to predict exactly what components of a vehicles wiring determines if it needs the addition of Anti-Flicker, we have come to find with our experience that the following vehicles will likely need the (plug and play) Anti-Flicker added into their headlight wiring;

  • Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep 2006 and up will need one set of Anti-Flicker, and on occasion may need a set for fog lights. 2010 and up with a dual bulb system will likely need for low beams.
  • 2015 and up Ford F250, F350, F450, and F550 may need one set of Anti-Flicker.
  • 2015 and up GMC and Chevrolet may need one set of Anti-Flicker.