About Cold Rock Accessories

Based in Camrose, AB

With the evolution of LED lighting flooding our market today, what sets Cold Rock Accessories apart from our other big players? Humanity. We don’t believe the success of a business solely rides on sales volume. We believe the longevity of a great business requires a formula of quality products, reasonable pricing, and transparent customer service. We are confident that we took our time in developing an inventory of quality products that we can put our name on before offering it to you. Why did we take 4 years to expand to a wider market? We knew the only way to establish a trustworthy brand was to start with direct sales only and collaborate with our customers until we knew our products could consistently stand the test of time. At Cold Rock Accessories, we can back our products with a warranty built on integrity. Yes, we offer products we as consumers would want to buy for our own personal use, but we can also offer to our customers trust, confidence, consistency, decisiveness, and transparency. That is our Cold Rock Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.