3 Year Limited Warranty with headlights rated for 30,000 hours of lifespan, our warranty offers you hassle free replacement on any defective lighting products. Return shipping on defective product will be covered.

Unlimited Warranty we offer to you, options for additional warranty to protect your purchase from user error. For an additional 10% of your pre tax item value per year, you can choose how long up to 5 years you want to protect your product(s) from human error. With this additional warranty coverage, we can guarantee you NO RED TAPE replacement of your product(s), even if you broke it! Return shipping once again will be covered. If by the end of your Unlimited Warranty term, you didn’t need it after all – that’s fine, we will convert your warranty investment to credit that you can use towards your next purchase with Cold Rock! Refund for additional warranty will not be made available after 30 days of purchase.